New Trailer - Thanks, Burley!

The team poses with their new trailer before leaving for the market.

After three seasons of heavy use - some might say excessive, non-recommended use - the Burley Flatbed trailer which hauls all of our bike valet and repair equipment had had enough. We emailed the good folks at Burley and asked if they would donate a replacement part. They got back to us that day and not only gave us the part to fix our old trailer, they sent us an entire new one as well! We can now evenly distribute our supplies (which include a mobile bike repair stand, box full of tools, table, three bike racks, a pump, folding chairs and valet supply box) between the two trailers. Thanks, Burley, for supporting Teen Services Sonoma's Operation Bicycle program! 

Teens out of school, getting their bikes ready for summer

Joel replaces an axle on the rear wheel of his BMX bike.

Brayan and Brian team up to tighten some brakes.

TSS employee Simon replaces a spoke and trues a wheel.

Senior finishes bike, donates money to TSS

Alex Moya sold his vintage Raleigh last week and donated the profits to Teen Services Sonoma's Outdoors for Excellence program. TSS will use the funds for an upcoming mountain bike trip. Way to go, Alex!

Alex with his finished bike.

Couple photos from last Thursday in the bike basement . . .

Cool panoramic shot of our workspace.  
Teens bikes parked outside the basement door.

Bike to Work Month

Operation Bicycle recently participated in both Bike to Work Day (May 14th) and Sonoma Charter School's 4/5th grade bicycle rodeo (May 15). In the spirit of cycling, we transported our equipment via bicycle to both events!

Airing tires during during Bike to Work Day

En route to Sonoma Charter

Farmers Market Bike Valet off to a good start!

Operation Bicycle, The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and the City of Sonoma have teamed up again to provide market goers with free valet bike parking and repair for the 2015 market season.
On Tuesday we parked 32 bikes and serviced six, our biggest numbers of the year thus far. Thanks to donations provided on spot by the public, we're able to employee two teens each week for the entire six-month run. Thank you, Sonoma!

Adrian, Simon and Norma (week 1)

Simon, Adrian, Bailey and Joel (week 3)

Teen converts child carrier to hauling trailer!

Jose Solorzano packed as many bikes and parts as he could on his new bike trailer.
(We counted nine in two trips!) He donated the usable parts and recycled the rest.

Senior overhauling vintage bicycle for senior project

Sonoma Valley High School senior Alex Moya is overhauling a vintage Raleigh townie for his senior project. He plans on selling the bike when it's finished and donating the money to Teen Services Sonoma, which will use it to take teens on mountain bike trips.
Alex is shown below cleaning, greasing and repacking bearings into the rear hub of his bicycle.

Alex showing great patience as he overhauls a
rear wheel outside Operation Bicycle last week.

Schedule Change!

In order to bring better programing for teens and the public alike, Operation Bicycle has gone back to its Tuesday & Thursday schedule. We opted to drop Wednesdays to make sure we had enough staff on hand to serve everyone's needs.
We are also developing classes that will be offered on Saturdays in the Spring. These classes will focus on basic bicycle repairs and upkeep as well as how to ride those vehicles safely on the roadways. More on that to come!
Thanks for your ongoing support. See you Tuesday OR Thursday!