Springs Festival

Operation Bicycle volunteers Esteban and Irving (not pictured) and staff member Simon parked 30 bikes during the festival.  
Staff member Adrian partnered with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to safety check 15+ bikes for the rodeo.

Teens and their motor-cycles . . .

Kurtis, Luis and Francisco have all converted their bikes to gas-powered cycles totally on their own. They use them daily for school and work commutes as well as out-of-town excursions. Nice work, guys!

Busy night a the market ... again!

For the third week in a row, the Sonoma Farmers Market bike valet filled to capacity! This partnership between the market, the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and Teen Services Sonoma has grown steadily over the past three years and is hitting its peak. Come visit us next week! Same time, same spot. Thanks for the support. 

Teen staff and volunteers ready for more bikes.

Ok, that's enough bikes. We're out of space!

Two SVHS seniors complete projects!

Martin Velazquez and Jose Napoles both presented their senior projects this week in front of judges at Sonoma Valley High School. The two became the fourth and fifth seniors to chose bicycle-related projects and work with us at Operation Bicycle. This year, both Martin and Jose chose to take bikes that had been donated, strip them down to the frame, overhaul and/or replace all parts, and then put them back together. Congrats, guys! You both showed great perseverance!!

Martin poses with his bike after the presentation.

Updated hours: more hours!

It's market season and because we depart from the Teen Center on Tuesdays at 4:30 to park and repair bikes in the plaza, we're open Wednesdays again.

Seasonal shop hours:
Tuesdays 1-4:30
Wednesdays 1-8
Thursdays 1-8

If you need your bicycle adjusted after 4:30 on Tuesdays, come find us by the rose garden from 5-9 p.m.

Ride on!

New Trailer - Thanks, Burley!

The team poses with their new trailer before leaving for the market.

After three seasons of heavy use - some might say excessive, non-recommended use - the Burley Flatbed trailer which hauls all of our bike valet and repair equipment had had enough. We emailed the good folks at Burley and asked if they would donate a replacement part. They got back to us that day and not only gave us the part to fix our old trailer, they sent us an entire new one as well! We can now evenly distribute our supplies (which include a mobile bike repair stand, box full of tools, table, three bike racks, a pump, folding chairs and valet supply box) between the two trailers. Thanks, Burley, for supporting Teen Services Sonoma's Operation Bicycle program! 

Teens out of school, getting their bikes ready for summer

Joel replaces an axle on the rear wheel of his BMX bike.

Brayan and Brian team up to tighten some brakes.

TSS employee Simon replaces a spoke and trues a wheel.